Suggestions on how to deal with cancer diagnosis

So you have not felt good for some time now, and you already have some weird symptoms that make you worry. You go to your doctor, who is undergoing a series of tests in an attempt to reach the root of things. They suggest that it is possible that these symptoms may be some form of cancer, which is a scary statement to hear. Then you get an annoying call that you know can not be good news, “I think your results would be better explained directly than by phone.” Usually, this is when your heart sinks, because you know something is wrong if they do not want to discuss your results over the phone. So you make an appointment to get in and talk to your doctor.

  • It is strongly recommended that you bring someone to your appointment. You will be in a certain level of surprise, and tend to miss things that others can capture. It is important to get all the facts and options available to you. Ask for a list written before the appointment, and have a friend write down a note about what the doctor said, and also answer the unanswered questions. While it is very surprising to get this diagnosis, you need to make sure you are part of the agenda setting for this meeting, and that you answer all your questions. A friend or family member who accompanies you can be very important to this.


  • The time soon after the diagnosis and the course of treatment begins can be difficult. You are still working on the reality of the situation, you are scared and your mind is going in 100 different directions about things that need to be cured, better and worse change your life. During this time it is essential to allow friends and family to help you. This is the time when you need their support and help with the tasks. This can be difficult for more independent individuals or who do not want to be any burdens, but it is time to attract their bids. You are interested in and want to help! Encourage them also to get their help. They also need to talk to these people.


  • While your caregivers will put you a strong face and tell you that I’m happy, this might be far from the truth. They are worried, they are scared that they might lose a friend or a member of their family. It becomes essential that you build family and friends support system as well as explore strongly the possibility of individual support and therapy groups. You have to deal with feelings and need to connect with others who can understand you uniquely.


  • As for the person that is diagnosed with cancer, put things in perspective as best you can. Determine what your goals and priorities are, and make them realistic and leave room for unforeseen circumstances that allow you to get away. Once you have all the facts, what is the most important thing to do? This is the time to let go of stubbornness and pride, and embrace the love and support that is offered to you.


  • Vitamin C is a natural healer for cancer. Vitamin C tricks tumors into thinking that they get sugar, that cancer cells eat. When cancer cells use vitamin C as an energy source, vitamins start destroying cancer cells, thus slowing down their multiplication. In turn, tumor growth can be slowed.


  • It is important to detect and do the treatment early, seriously, when you think about cancer. Learn how to check yourself for skin cancer, colon, prostate, cervix and breast. Be sure to do regular checks so you can start fighting early and give yourself the best chance possible.


  • One of the causes of cancer is exposure to asbestos. Make sure that your house or workplace is free from asbestos. Go talk with your family members and colleagues to find out if your house or workplace is free from asbestos. This will also help the others to be safe from asbestos exposure.


  • Alcohol consumption is the number one cause of liver cancer. Alcohol abuse can damage the liver from time to time so they can no longer function. Without transplantation, most of the liver cancer is fatal. Reduce the risk of liver cancer by reducing alcohol consumption or eliminating altogether.


  • One of the most important tips to remember after being diagnosed with cancer is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will give you more energy, which you need during the treatment process. A healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

The things we know are the most dangerous for us. At least knowing that you have cancer, so dark and scary, puts you in a position to do something. Use the information you learned here to be proactive. Do everything in your power to fight it and continue to live happily and productively.

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