Injury Prevention

Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is an important part of the recruitment process. It is widely used by organisations to ensure that the most suitable candidate is selected for the job. Pre-employment screening assesses a potential employee’s ability to meet the inherent physical and/or psychological demands of a specific work position. Screening can also be used for current employees in the event of a change in work duties such as a promotion, transfer or re-structure.

Research has shown that the use of pre-employment screening is 4 times more useful than interviewing for recruitment and promotion. Pre-employment Screening helps avoid the expense of recruiting the wrong person. It is a selection tool that is suitable for high level executive positions right through to labouring positions.

The benefits to employers include:

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Poster

AW Workwise has a range of manual handling training courses tailored to suit individual workplaces. Training emphasizes group discussion & practical participation.

Course content includes (but is not limited to):

What are the main benefits to employers?  

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Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic Mouse & Work Smart Poster

Ergonomics is the science of how people interact with their environment. Ergonomic principles assist to make jobs easier and to reduce physical strain on employees. Ergonomics training focuses on ensuring employees’ workstations are setup to maximise appropriate working postures as well as the reinforcement of correct work practices and techniques to prevent injury.

What are the benefits to Employers?