Injury Management

Workplace Assessment

A thorough assessment of the required task/s, the associated physical demands and workplace environment to assist in developing a graduated return to work program. 

Customised Return to Work Plans

A stage by stage program to assist an injured worker to upgrade their work tasks in a safe and effective manner.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

The FCE may be Whole Body, or targeted to Hand & Upper Limb.

Benefits include:

Whole Body FCE

The WorkHab Whole Body FCE is a strategic rehabilitation tool which provides a functional profile of an injured person’s responses to a variety of test tasks based on their work or usual daily activities. This FCE is useful for a range of injuries including back, neck, lower limb and shoulder injuries.

Hand and Upper Limb FCE

Upper Limb Injuries may be complex and require comprehensive and valid assessment to accurately determine function, and predict return to work outcomes. The WorkHab Hand and Upper Limb FCE is a specially designed rehabilitation tool used by trained & accredited WorkHab evaluators to assist in the management of upper limb injuries.

The HUL is ideally suited for conditions including Epicondylitis, Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Occupational Overuse Injuries.